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League BowlingAt BPAA Family Fun Center we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have fun.

Sign up to join a league today! 
Register by phone - Call 513-574-4488 



(Prices vary per league.  All league bowlers recieve $2.00/game for a year during our regular open bowl times.)

Summer Season  Starting May

  Type of League Time
Monday Adult Child 6:00pm
  Youth 7:00pm
Tuesday             Mixed Couple any Combination ~7:00pm
Thursday Mixed Couple any Combination ~7:00pm
Saturday Mixed Couple any Combination ~7:00pm


Fall Season  Leagues Starting at the end of August 

  Type of league Time
Monday 5 Lady Teams    6:30pm
Tuesday 4 Lady Teams 9:30am
  3 Lady Teams 12:30am
  5 Man Teams 6:30pm
Wednesday 4 Lady Teams 9:30am
  5 Man Teams 6:30pm
  4 Man Teams 9:30pm
Thursday Seniors 12:30pm
  5 Man teams  6:30pm
  3 Person Mixed Couples 9:30pm
Friday 4 Person Mixed Couples 6:30pm
Saturday Youth 11 & Under 10am
  Youth 12 & Over 10am
  4 Person Mixed Couples 5:30pm
  4 Person Mixed Couples 8:15pm

(Saturday night mixed couples are every other week and every 4th week)